Monday, 7 July 2014

Corrado Zeni

Corrado Zeni is an Italian artist who was born in 1967 in Genoa, where he lives and works.

Since 2003, he has received different recognitions, especially at a national level (in Italy). In the last years his international recognition has grown and his art has been showed in international art fairs including Art Brussels (Be), Art Cologne (D), Arco Madrid (Sp), Art Moscow (Ru) and Artefiera (En).

Personally I love the way he represents society in his art work. Corrado Zeni has a particular idea of representing the contemporary live rhythm. 

Here is his website where you can find more information about his achievements. 

Hope you are having a great summer! ;)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Nina Nolte

Nina Nolte is a German painter who was born in El Salvador in 1957 and grew up between Spain and Germany. Her career started in 1991 in Germany and since then she has exhibit in many other countries and on art fairs. She moved form Spain to Germany few years ago, where she works now, after fifteen years living in Spain.

I think her acrylics on canvas are very refreshing and I love the perspective of each scene she represents in her paintings. Don’t you think her art is very summery?

If you want to know more, visit her website here

Happy summer everybody! :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Carlos León Salazar

Carlos León-Salazar is a Venezuelan painter, who was born in Caracas in 1968. He studied law and later became an artist with a big talent and intuition. He is famous for his watercolours. 

"I am a lawyer by profession, in relation to the arts - self-taught. For me, art is the need to accompany me since childhood, is a way to express him, or rather, to find himself through him, as a very intimate and personal appearance, to find him through art, music and literature. In short, I do creative work, because I like it because I love it. And when I discovered watercolour, all last time I do it because plastic watercolour is consistent with the sensations and feelings that I experience ".